Accutech Auto Repair

460 E Wyeth St
Pocatello, ID 83201
Monday thru Friday
8:00am to 6:00pm

Our Repair Services

     Unfortunately, every profession has some bad actors that hurt the reputation of everyone else. In the world of automotive repair, industry associations and professional licensing organizations are very committed to high ethical standards. For example, every Accu-Tech Auto Repair technician is trustworthy and ASE certified!
     Yet some people are still uncomfortable with automotive service and repair. So along with trusted, certified technicians, we also want to give you the ability to understand the benefits of taking care of suggested repairs, or maintenance and the downsides to putting it off. This will help you have more faith in the service recommendations. 

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics

     Rely on the experts at Accu-Tech Auto Repair for automotive diagnostics you can trust. We will create an estimate of the services needed for your vehicle and then contact you to discuss the best options for your vehicle before any other work is performed.

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Latest Factory Service & Repair Info

     We have access to the technical service data for all the car manufacturers. We can tell you exactly what Chevrolet, VW, Toyota or any other manufacturer specifies for maintenance on your car at the exact mileage it has on it today. We subscribe to industry information services that grant us access to repair instructions, technical bulletins and much more.

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Specialty Services

     Here at Accu-Tech we specialize in repairs on all makes and models in any year range, gasoline or diesel. We are a bumper to bumper repair facility. From broken door handles to complete engine Overhaul, Transmissions, Drivetrain, Electrical Systems, Brakes, Suspension, HVAC, Maintenance, and much more!

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Vehicles Serviced

     At Accu-Tech we service all makes and all models. No matter what you're driving we'll be here to service your vehicle.

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